John T O’Halloran

John T O’Halloran has been an English Freemason for over thirty five years. Having taken part in countless ceremonies, he became convinced they were incomplete and probably hidden in other Masonic orders, which led him to explore his instinct.

His search took him to the Rose Croix order, where he became a Past Sovereign and 30th Degree. Eventually he became a High Priest in the mysterious Knights Templar Priests order and a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. His discoveries made him certain there remains a silent but serious fight to bring peace back to this forlorn planet – the history and current threat to which he explores in this, his second novel in a series of three.

John still likes rugby, good wine, and currently lives in West Sussex with his partner Micky, where with her support, he is currently putting the finishing touches to the next book this series, The Final Rite.

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