John T O’Halloran

John T O’Halloran has been an interesting name to live with. My life has always been a challenge, I have questioned everything, not least of all my being an English Freemason for over thirty-five years. Having taken part in countless ceremonies, I became convinced they were incomplete and probably hidden in other Masonic orders.

This conviction led me to explore my instinct. My search took me to the Rose Croix order, where I became a Past Sovereign and 30th Degree. Eventually, I became a High Priest in the mysterious Knights Templar Priests order and a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. My discoveries confirmed that there remains a silent but serious fight to bring peace back to this forlorn planet – the history and current threat to which I explore in my first two novels in the Children of Adam series of three, The first two books are exhibited on this website and are called: The Second Conflict and The Final Rite. The third is to be written in 2018.

The discovery of Red Chameleons, which was launched in late 2016, interrupted my completion of the Trilogy. It is entirely different to the books mentioned above. Because of developments in the USA and Russia, I remembered a book I had put to one side over 20 years ago. God only knows why, but after searching high and low, I found a dusty envelope marked ‘Danger Everywhere’ on my bookshelf. Inside were three floppy discs,’ but I had no hardware that could read them. After buying a floppy disc reader, I discovered that this book was in a format no longer used. Overcoming this obstacle, I could not remember exactly what I had written. However, 165,000 words later, I realised that I had something worth pursuing because of the subject matter, which can be discovered on this site. This year of 2018, will change the political landscape of the World, which Red Chameleons predicted all those years ago

Following the publication of Red Chameleons, I needed to focus on earning a crust which was very successful and distracting. My other distraction was my love of poetry. The words that tumbled out of my mind over many years have been grouped together as a work called ‘Without Fear or Favour.’ However, even though this work is ready to be published, I have hesitated, because of what I have struggled to learn and understand in the publishing world. Even now, I admit that I need professional help and that I am willing to do anything to get my words out there, which I am certain will resonate with the readers of them.

Throughout my journey, I still like rugby, good wine, and elegant minds. I currenntly live in West Sussex with my lover Micky, where with her support, I continue writing. Please email me if you have any questions: [email protected]

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