About Us

Chisel & Stone

‘About Us’, is really about: You and Me.

Unlike its earlier incarnation, Chisel & Stone is now a vehicle for authors who want to obtain assistance in becoming published in the traditional sense, by attracting a reputable Literary Agent and Publisher, in a daunting and ever-changing market-place.

I realize the alternative, is to self-publish, which I have done because it was the only choice I had left. However, even now I would reconsider this stance if I obtained the advice of experts, who did not just want to line their pockets.

The main reason for this change of mind is that I have several writing projects on the go. I, therefore, want to concentrate on my writing and establish a relationship with experts, who are as committed to the reading of the written word, as I am.

I am sure I am not the only one who has been on the same journey, and If I succeed in my quest, I will help those that I can, whose writing I can relate to. There will be disappointments of course, and I have had many.

If you want to email me about what am attempting to achieve please email me: [email protected]

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