The Second Conflict

The Second Conflict

In the beginning, the King of Kings and the Lord of Creation joined forces with a fearsome host of Angels, the four Lords of the Elements and Hermes to create the perfect world, Near Earth.

Each of them had powers so great that they could accomplish anything, so great that harmony was brought to the four corners of the compass, where the three tribes of the quarters were ruled by four descendent Kings of the formed alliance – The Magii.

But this perfect world soon disintegrated into chaos, as Satan fostered a raging jealousy of those around him. Along with his fellow Princes of Darkness – Lucifer, Appolyon, Baal, Asmodeus and Beelzebub – Satan wreaked an angry and destructive rebellion, The First Conflict.

After a bloody battle Near Earth triumphed and Satan escaped to The World of Men, where the traitors from the tribes who supported him had been banished, a place devoid of anything healthy and good, whilst the rest of his disciples, the Princes of Darkness were incarcerated for 1000 years.

But undeterred, revenge loomed large in all of their minds and they promised that one day, they would unite to conquer and destroy the ancient enemy and rule the two worlds. Let The Second Conflict commence.

A compelling and hugely enjoyable journey.

Scarlett Kilcooley, Conde Nast

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