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Red Chameleons.

After the slaughter of the Czar following the Russian revolution in 1917, The Agenda to bring back a successor is drawn up by The White Russians and Cossacks from the Ukraine. They promise that no one will get in their way and that The Agenda’s goals will be achieved over their dead bodies if necessary. Time is of no consequence; sons inherit their father’s oath and Devchenko, The Whites leader enforces it ruthlessly.

Another purpose of The Agenda is to neutralise the threat of the USA to Russia and its republics. To achieve this, The Whites plan to remove the ability of the USA to defend itself, destroy its economy and to control its President

The plot is hatched in the Ukraine immediately after the Russian Revolution and unfolds over many years; there is carnage and deception throughout.

This all started 1993 when I first wrote this book. The cover design came  about because last year I found the following article on The Daily Express website, a British newspaper: <>

The relevancy of my book has been re-inforced by a Reuters article on Tuesday 26th July. This was Just before Hilary Clinton attended the Democratic Conference to confirm her candidacy.

The first article was somewhat of a coincidence because the Russian’s had already attempted to invade the Ukraine, which is where The White Russian’s and Cossacks came from, who are pivotal in my book, which I thought I had lost after several moves.

God only knows why, but after searching high and low, I found an envelope marked  Danger Everywhere on my bookshelf. Inside were three floppy discs,’ but I had no hardware that could read them.

After buying a floppy disc reader, I discovered that my book was in a format no longer used. Overcoming this obstacle, I discovered that I couldn’t remember exactly what I had written. 165,000 words later I realised that I had and have something worth pursuing because of the subject matter.

The book contains elements of violence and mild erotica. There is also espionage, money laundering and the involvement MI5 and the FBI.

Please contact me and let me have your comments and suggestios

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The intention of Chisel & Stone

I aim to have complete clarity about what authors and micro-publishers face. My hope is that we can all help each
other. Yes there are a great deal of self-help books, societies  and magazines etc;  all very useful indeed, but they have to be found and evaluated, which takes a lot of time and often money. Even if you have the patience and wherewithal to follow this course
there are publishing decisions to be made, formatting issues, book cover design, ISBN’s, Book-Data; the list goes on, lots to do and so little time to do it. So, let us start a simple A to Z  of what to do, how to do it and when, so that we end up with a
finished book that is published in accordance with a marketing strategy that we understand.


What next:        

To understand where in this journey of writing we all are, or have been it would be helpful for anyone wanting to
contribute to this blog, to answer a few questions in any response they make, for instance:

1.       In what media are you writing?

a.       Hand written manuscript

b.      Microsoft Word edition

c.       Apple,

d.      Linux,

e.      Other.

2.       What has been the hardest part of your writing experience, the worst and of course the easiest?

3.       What if anything has prevented you from publishing?

4.       If you have published, what have you discovered about the food chain you have become part of/

5.       What else?


It should be evident that in this blog I am inviting authors of all genres who wish to publish independently, to share
their experiences, good,  bad and ugly, of their journey to publish via any of the available medias; whether Amazon through Kindle or Createspace (paperback or hardback), or other electronic or hard copy middlemen.

Then, as Indie Publishers, I am sure all who visit this site will be delighted to explain their understanding of ‘Distribution
Channels’ and what  they understand them to be, especially as this is the lure that the conventional publishing food chain use to  tempt us towards them.

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