Red Chameleons

Red Chameleons

Imagine, that following the US elections in November glasses are raised in Moscow, because following a military coup, a new Czar replaces the President and succeeds in re-establishing Russia as the rulers of the old Soviet Union. At the same time, he ensures that Russia’s puppet is elected as President of the USA. This new President is a fascist, white racist southerner from Texas. Immediately before this, he convinced the USA that they should both disarm, which the Russians do not. The consequences are terrifying.

This position is reached because, after the slaughter of the Czar in 1917 and the Russian Revolution that followed, the Americans and British withdrew from helping The White Russians and Cossacks in the Crimea and the rest of the Ukraine, leaving them to fend for themselves. This was when ‘The Agenda’ to bring back a successor to the Czar, was drawn up by The White Russians and Cossacks from the Ukraine. They promise that no one will get in their way and that The Agenda’s goals, will be achieved over their dead bodies if necessary. Time is of no consequence; sons inherit their father’s oath and Devchenko their leader enforces it ruthlessly.

Another purpose of The Agenda is to neutralise the threat of the USA to Russia and its republics. To achieve this, The Whites, as they have become known, plan to remove the ability of the USA to defend itself, destroy its economy and to control its President. Their candidate David Atkins is a fascist, white racist southerner from Texas. He is also an unscrupulous arms dealer, who has received money from offshore accounts controlled by The Whites to support his ailing business. His innocent wife Nancy becomes a victim of sexual blackmail just to make sure he tows the line.

Bribery, murder, terrorism and deception are the currencies of The Whites. Then, just as they are about to succeed, their deception and their identity are on the verge of discovery by the FBI and MI5, who are finally on their trail, who for so long have been deceived by the Head of NASA and spies within the Pentagon. Their frightening discovery occurs just as the president is about to agree on a new treaty with the Soviet Union to ensure Peace in the world.

This book takes us from the end of The Second World War to the 1980’s. The events portrayed resonate with the world we now find ourselves living in, especially when we see how Putin is behaving in Russia and how the election race is panning out in the USA.

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