The Final Rite

The Final Rite

Following the bloody battle of The Second Conflict, good has failed to prevail over evil.

The Magii has been anticipated by the Princes of Darkness at every twist and turn, resulting in its failure to being peace to The World of Men and the sacred Final Rite being in direct threat.

Constantly repudiated, it becomes clear there is a traitor within the alliance, prompting the watchful eyes of the Lords of The Elements- who benefit from the future visions of Hermes – to interfere in a time that is yet to come, a time that they do not know. Time is not as we know it.

It is not a linear element and it is beyond all comprehension, making it a dangerous and potentially disastrous move. The Magii come together for the first time since the birth of Christ to defeat The Princes of Darkness, but as time has told good doesn’t always triumph and the forces of evil are unrepentant and unperturbed. The race for The Final Rite is on.

A compelling and hugely enjoyable journey.

Scarlett Kilcooley, Conde Nast

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